Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #226: A Pledge From Me...

Like just about everyone on the internet I jumped on the old bandwagon over the whole Christian Bale taped tirade incident, although I do admit, I used it to make fun of big media bosses, but that's not an excuse.

The more I read about the cause of the incident, the more I can understand what he did, he may have over-reacted, but now I don't think it was the spoiled star-brat sort of temper tantrum a lot of celebrities are prone to.

I really should have seen through it. Because despite what the media says, there's one sure fire test to find out if an actor is "difficult" or not, and it's really simple.

Just look at the number of people who work with him more than once, and those who say they would work with him again.

Some have called Russel Crowe difficult, but Ridley Scott has him in just about every movie, and Scott's not the type to work with someone he considers difficult.

And it strikes me the same with Bale, Warner Bros. treat actors playing Batman as fairly disposable, (Remember the ones made in the 90s, and that whoever's cast spends over half the movie under a mask?), and Nolan cast him in his non-Batman film
The Prestige, which doesn't strike me as something you do with an actor you don't get along with.

I like Bale as an actor, he works very hard at his job, and he usually does a very good job, you don't see him partying his brains out like many modern celebutards, preferring life with his wife and family, a refreshing change. Plus, unlike a lot of modern actors, he's not afraid to play unabashedly heroic characters, without the ironic smarm, laughable implausibility, or gag-inducing posturing found in so many other leading men.

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that I will no longer make fun of Christian Bale, and would like to apologize for jumping on the Bale bashing bandwagon. Face it, deep down, I'm just another internet lemming.


  1. I didn't consider the thing that way, your point of view is always interesting.

    I've expressed my humble opinion (who cares? :-) ) on my blog. I didn't scream with the dogs.

    I'm waiting for your book with the highest impatience.

  2. While I can understand that many think that any publicity is good publicity, I think that most try to avoid "stars blowing up" kind of publicity, considering the effect Russel Crowe's incident with the phone hurt Cinderella Man.

  3. I posted several times about the nature of actors and the commitment to their jobs at many blog sites that had nothing but screaming heaps of hate for him.

    I brought up Rod Stieger's rage during his time playing Napoleon on the set of Waterloo as a clear example of a dedicated actor being fubared by some moron on set.

    It happens and I always am in the side of the actor because when the Director said ACTION.. NO - ONE - MOVES. That dipShet decided differently and Mr. Bale noted that it happened TWICE! That moron should of been run off the set the first time he did that.

    I only sad that Mr. Bale went all emo and apologized for this. My opinion on the man dropped a little for that.