Tuesday, 3 February 2009



This is just too fucking much!

Can you fucking believe it, I just had a fucking look at what the fucking big media bosses are getting paid, and I can't fucking believe it!

Robert Iger, CEO of Walt fucking Disney got paid 30 million fucking dollars even though the fucking stock price dropped over $10 a fucking share!

Rupert fucking Murdoch got $27 fucking million, and his fucking COO, Peter fucking Chernin got $28 fucking million, even though the fucking share value of fucking News fucking Corp. dropped almost 2/3s!

Les Moonves, CEO of CB-fucking-S, got paid $36.8 million even though their fucking stock dropped from $25.55 to $5.80 a share. That's almost 4/5s of its fucking value. And he got almost $37 million fucking dollars!

I can't fucking believe it!

And you can't say that these people are all doing it for the fucking bottom line. The bottom fucking line means that other people with a stake in the fucking business are going to get their fair fucking share. These fuckers don't care about the fucking bottom line, but a couple of fucking lines above that.

You know what I'm fucking talking about. The fucking line that marks off what these fuckers are going to get fucking paid. Then it's sweet fuck all for everyone else. Including the stars of fucking movies that make a billion fucking dollars at the box office, while the head company fucker pockets $19 million fucking dollars!

I got nothing against making a good fucking living. But you gotta make that fucking money, not just fucking take it, especially when the company is supposedly losing fucking money!

If the company's making lots of fucking money for fucking everyone, then go right ahead and pocket the big fucking bucks. But don't just take it from your fucking investors, fucking shareholders, and fucking people with fucking points in their fucking movies.

Because that would be just fucked.

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