Thursday, 13 September 2007

Hollywood Babble On & On... #1

Oy gevalt.

There are times when I am ready to puke at how demented the whole celebrity/media axis has been getting lately. There was a time when I'd make mock of the foibles and screw-ups of the rich and famous, but lately it has gone from amusing to annoying, and I've tried to avoid it.

Of course the only way to do that is to leave my home and live in the deepest darkest cave in Sumatra and hope that the vampire bats don't get a satellite dish. So I've decided to forgo my old and irregular Hollywood Idiot Report, and start a new, and irregular feature where I rant about our deranged celebrity culture.

Lately all the buzz is about Britney Spears' and her flaccid 'comeback' performance at the MTV Video Awards. I skipped the whole trainwreck but the internet, and the regular media is on fire with stories about her being lame, fat, yadda...yadda...yadda...

Yet not one single person has taken MTV to task for what it's done.

What did MTV do? you may ask.

Well let me tell you.

MTV are a bunch of corporate scum sucking bastards.

Allow me to elucidate my findings.

You see the people behind the MTV awards knew full well that Britney's appearance would be a disaster. She was skipping rehearsals, the rehearsals she did attend were obviously hurting due to her rampant partying, and her choice of costume was a disaster in itself.

If MTV had any decency, the show's producer would have taken her aside, explained that she wasn't in any shape, physically or mentally, to do the act, and cut her from the show.

She couldn't see the impending disaster for herself, she's spent her whole life thinking that the one trick that can put all things right is wearing the skimpiest outfit she can squeeze into. She isn't smart enough for that sort of awareness.

But MTV didn't do the tough love, instead they realised that an on-stage meltdown would be great for publicity. Video of the disaster, complete with MTV's logo would be all over every media and internet outlet on the planet.

They didn't care about how the epic humiliation will only make things worse for an already mentally fragile person, or her children, as long as it got their brand out, they didn't give a fiddler's fuck.

And the rest of Hollywood seems to be going along with it. From late night comedians, to internet gossips, they're all buzzing about the big trainwreck on MTV. Sure her music was sugary and annoying, and her image a lesson in skanky hypocrisy, but she doesn't deserve to be publicly tormented like this.

I thought I heard a brief moment of decency when rapper Kanye West decried MTV for what they did. But my hope was soon dashed when, instead of considering a young mother's mental and physical health, he went on another ride on the ego train, declaring that he should have opened the show. Because he's better than her.

Way to care about your fellow human beings Kanye.

The closest to decent things was a report I read online where Bill O'Reilly asked comedian Dennis Miller about Britney. Miller, refused to crack wise, said he didn't want to be the last comedian to joke about her before her suicide.

And he's right.

Then folks will probably still be laughing.

That's all for today, I'm all ranted out.

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