Sunday, 11 November 2007

Hollywood Babble On & On... #4: The Writer's Strike and What the Audience Can Do

Now I've been known to gripe a bit about how the modern movie business is run.  I'm especially displeased with how Hollywood has come to treat with contempt the most important people in their business: The Filmmakers who make the films and The Audience who makes them profitable.

Now the Writers' Strike has given me an idea for the filmmakers and the audience to unite and make the media powers that be stand up and take notice.


That's right.

The audience doesn't really need DVDs to live, but the studios do, that's why I think we, the audience should boycott purchasing new DVDs until a fair and equitable settlement of the Writer's Strike is reached.

It's not like the writers are getting anything from these DVDs anyway, and they won't until something dramatic happens.

Remember, the Xmas shopping season is coming, that's the most important time for DVD sales in the year.  So until a deal a reached, give your DVD money to charity, spend it on something else, but don't buy any more DVDs.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to ask this, but I am, because they've gone too far.

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