Monday, 10 December 2007

Furious D's Hollywood Dictionary: B is for....

Here's part 2 of my Hollywood dictionary. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line.



1. A mythical list of actors whose specialty was at starring in low-budget films designed to appeal to kids, teens and fill out the 'B' section of a double bill.

2. A mythical list of actors who have to work for a living.


1. What the A-List used to be.

2. What the A-List ain't no more.


1. A film that makes more than a profit, but a mega-profit.

2. A film that went overboard on FX and marketing, that might make a profit if it's really luck.


1. The life's blood of Old Hollywood. It was the money earned by a movie through ticket sales.

2. The least important factor in determining if any film gets a green-light these days.


1. Challenging people's preconceptions about a controversial subject through art, that presents a thesis and antithesis blended to present the artist's personal view.

2. Pretending to be a courageous artist by making material that's condescending, derogatory, or downright insulting to any group least likely to respond with legal action or outright violence.


1. Word of mouth among the general public about the quality and appeal of a particular film.

2. Word of mouth among a select group of elite media figures.

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