Monday, 31 December 2007

Furious D's Hollywood Dictionary: C is for....

Time for another installment of my Hollywood dictionary. If you have any suggestions for terms, just drop me a line in the comments.

For folks who are new to this feature, the first definition is for what the term used to mean in Hollywood, the second is what the term means now.


1. A mythical list of actors who intermittently worked Poverty Row studios and low rent 'educational' films.

2. Washed up celebrities who don't work enough to make a living, and try to exploit their one past success by doing reality TV.


1. Famous stars.

2. Anyone who can get their face in front of the cameras and stay there, whether anyone wants to see that face or not.


1. Young actors who achieved success at an early age.

2. Future rehab patients.


1. Dislike or disdain.

2. What Hollywood feels towards the average American moviegoer, filmmakers, and non-celebrity actors.

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