Sunday, 27 January 2008

One Little Snag...

A snag has hit my campaign to replace Robert Shaye as head of New Line Cinema.

Former Time Warner co-chair Terry Semel is considering a Hollywood comeback, and is considering eithe
r running New Line, or buying it outright from Time Warner with some partners for as much as 2 billion spondooliks.

That's a bit of a onion in the ointment, because the recent sub-prime mortgage concerns have tied up some of my cash, and with the current exchange rate I'm a little short of that asking price by about $1,999,999,995.25.

But all is not lost.

Like botox coming out of a needle in a Beverly Hills clinic, hope springs eternal.

Semel's a smart man, and he knows he's going to need fresh blood to do a lot of the actual running of the company. He needs someone tough, ruthless, smart, affordable, and who owes nothing to anyone other than him and the other partners.

That man is, naturally, ME.

I want all you, my loyal minions, followers, fans, hangers-on, groupies, and toadies, to find out how to contact Terry Semel and his partners and tell them that I'm the best man to run the studio for them.

I have no Hollywood experience, but that also means that I have no bad Hollywood habits.

So pass the word:

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