Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hollywood Babble On & On #67: HBO Needs Some Vitamin D

Cable giant Home Box Office is having a bit of a shake-up at the head office, trying to shake the dust off the channel which has grown a tad atrophied in the wake of the critical/commercial success of The Sopranos and Sex & The City and the rise of hungry and aggressive rivals.

Well, there's nothing like a big corporation that's in trouble. Especially if it's a movie studio, or TV network, which is why I have begun a new campaign.
You blew millions on John From Cincinnati when all you needed was D from Canada.

So come on Time Warner. Recognize a great bargain when you see it.

And if chosen, I will bring back Intelligence as an HBO show, and force the CBC to pay through the nose to air it in Canada.

Remember, I'm affordable, efficient, and I'll put HBO at the top of the heap again.

You can't do any worse.

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