Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Squirrel & I....

I am at war.

My enemy is small, furry, and has a fuzzy tail.

He is a squirrel.

I call him The Fuzzy Little Bastard.

He's started raiding the bird-feeders in my backyard, scaring away the birds, and is sniffing around for a way into my home. I tried scaring him away with a water-gun out my kitchen window, but he's a clever little bastard, and will no doubt come back for vengeance.

Does anyone have any suggestions for non-lethal and non-messy ways of driving away a pesky squirrel before he gets into your house?

"That fat bastard's going to lean out that window
with his water gun. That's when I nail him!"


  1. Sorry man. You've lost already.

    Since you've ruled out "non-lethal", there's not much else to suggest. "non-messy", eh. Doesn't count cause there aren't any.

    Just accept the squirrel and move on. Maybe set up a squirrel feeder in the hope he'll take that and leave the birds alone.

    Otherwise? A sound suppressed .22 is the only sure way. :)

  2. Buy a squirrel trap, drive the little varmint out to the woods, and let him go.

  3. I can't think of any non-lethal or non-messy methods of dealing with the little problem, but I can think of a heck of a lot of super lethal, mega-messy methods. Too bad you are Canadian, else you would be able to figure out some fun methods.