Thursday, 13 March 2008

Woe Canada: The Canadian Bastard Corporation

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation has once again shot itself in the foot.

They cancelled Intelligence, the single best drama show they has aired since they unfairly and incompetently cancelled DaVinci's City Hall, which was made by the same people.

To the uninitiated Intelligence was about the complex relationship between Mary Spalding (Klea Scott) a senior cop turned spy-master, and her informant, marijuana kingpin Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey). Each episode b
rought you into the depths and heights of Vancouver's underworld where spies, gangsters, prostitutes, big business, and big governments meet, scheme, and betray each other.

The show's intricate plots and intriguing characters attracted interest from other countries, including the USA's Fox Network, looking to either buy the show, or franchise their own versions.

Now CBC is a public broadcaster
with a mandate of presenting Canada to the world. And once in a while they get a show, whose sheer quality wins them acclaim not only locally, but internationally.

Does the CBC try to sell the show to the world in order to pay to keep it going?


They essentially hinder foreign sales or franchising of the show to the world.

Because international success would hinder their plans to cancel it.

Because the CBC isn't in the business of making quality shows. Their business is to make up excuses to cancel quality shows, especially compelling modern shows produced outside of CBC's headquarters in Toronto.

Their favourite tactic is to dump it in a time-slot against a US ratings juggernaut, under-promote the show so nobody knows when it's on, and then cancel it.

And they wonder why hardly anyone watches CBC anymore.

If any Canadians read this blog, I want you to visit the CBC website and tell them how you feel about the loss of Intelligence.

We just can't stand by and let them destroy the last bastion of quality in Canadian TV drama.

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