Friday, 2 May 2008

Talk Among Yourselves: Star Power

The Hollywood Reporter has a piece about how the A-List isn't all that Grade-A lately.

Funny, I've been saying that since I started this damn blog.

So check out my previous pieces....

Read them, love them, make them the foundation of your life, and come back here and leave your thoughts on it all in the comments. That's right, I'm letting you readers do the heavy lifting today, mostly because I did a lot of heavy lifting today, and my back is shot.



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  1. greenfairie2/5/08 10:32 pm

    Paraphrasing a commenter at the Hollywood Reporter site, we live in an age of celebrities, not movie stars. Celebrities are famous primarily for being famous. They can sell magazines and set trends but they do not necessarily get people to part with their $10 at the movies.

    Franchises and concepts sell movies, not so much stars.