Saturday, 7 June 2008

Shameless Shilling Saturday...

In a rare, nay, unheard of, act of selflessness, here's a link to where you can get a free e-book copy of a wildly popular, critically, acclaimed, and potentially Nobel Prize winning sci-fi comedy novel by Australian author Simon Haynes.


  1. Ay, wonderfoul there Mr. D.

    Every links a dead, dead. Both picture and letter lead to a ERROR 404 "Object not found!".

    Thankfully, it also had a direct link to the page for download:

    The book, like all the library books I have on a pile somewhere. Will be glanced into on a later date and I thank you for the somewhat loopy roundabout way to get the book.

  2. Link fixed.

    Somehow blogger mangled the address by adding numbers to it.

  3. heh, heh...

    Blogger got a little too excited mehaps?

    Though I downloaded it before I posted, it's cool to see your on the bounce-back on that post.

    Still looking forward to more snarky witticisms! Dang shame you don't have a RSS feed. It made it so easier to lurk on Libertas and other sites.