Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Boob Tube: Apres Grissom, Les Deluge?

I don't really blog much about TV, but I have to admit my guilty pleasures. I watch CSI: CrimeScene Investigation, and CSI: NY. I don't watch CSI: Miami, because once you get past the bikinis, all you got are plot too nonsensical even for TV, and David Caruso's particular brand of acting through sunglasses.

The main reason I watch CSI was because of lead investigator Gil Grissom as played by William Petersen, or as I call the character: The UberNerd Triumphant. Petersen's performance, pretty much devoid of ego on the part of the character, made him one of the most watchable characters on TV, even though he is the opposite of what any marketing focus group would look for in a hero. He's unabashedly middle aged and acts his age, eccentric, that's obsessed with bugs, and is definitely not the man of action type. Even his atrocious puns at the beginning of some episodes had a certain unaffected charm. I had the idea of having the CSI's come across two bodies dressed as sailors, and have Grissom say: "I don't think we need to test for the presence of seamen." And have the rest of the team walk away in disgust.

So like a lot of CSI watchers I was saddened to hear that William Petersen, who made the show for me, was phasing himself out of the long running series. Then I heard a rumour about his potential replacements.

One possible candidate was Laurence Fishburne, one of the most reliable actors in Hollywood. When you see his name in the credits you are always assured that at least he will be doing his job as an actor and giving you the best he can give. Also, he would bring a very different characterization to the role of CSI leader, possibly being taken in the direction of being more of a cop, than a scientist. But I don't think he'd leave his pretty steady movie work for the grind of a TV series.

But it was the other candidate in that unconfirmed, anonymous rumour really made my goggle in amazement. John Malkovich.

Now that would be a pretty radical casting coup for any television and would definitely strike me as a pretty wild choice.

But not that far fetched. Malkovich comes from the same Chicago theatre scene that CSI's William Petersen and CSI: NY's Gary Sinise came from, and he's worked with both in the past.

Plus, his taste in quirky indie type films was probably hurt by the dearth of decent quirky indie type films. So a lucrative and secure TV deal for a few season could be just the ticket for him. Plus, he brings an unpredictability to the role that could give the show the kick in the pants it needs after recently losing some cast members.

Still, it's all just rumours, though it was a pretty interesting rumour.

What do you think?

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  1. Great post. NOBODY sane watches Caruso and his annoying posing. However, I will miss Grissom/Petersen a lot. Malkovich could be interesting in this role. I would nix Fishburn.