Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hollywood Babble On & On #149: Be Careful Tom...

MGM studios, the parent company of flailing fledgling revenant studio United Artists released this statement (h/t- Nikki Finke, Defamer)...
Harry Sloan, MGM chairman and CEO : "After reading erroneous reports about Tom Cruise and United Artists, I would like to clarify that we are honored that he will continue as our full partner in control of UA. He is in the middle of one of the greatest careers our industry has ever seen and one that will continue at the top of United Artists Entertainment."
When folks in Hollywood start talking nice like that, it can only mean that trouble's brewing. I'm not accusing anyone of treachery, it's just that people have taboos about talking ill of the dead, if you catch my drift.

My advice to Tom Cruise: Get that $500 million credit line working and making some of those precious spondooliks. As Liz Taylor once said: "There's no better deodorant than success," and baby, you need some deodorant because there's a funk hanging over the company.

My advice to MGM Chief Harry Sloan: Ditch the ageing pretty-boy deadwood, and bring in someone who will make that half a billion dollar credit line dance like Fred Astaire in a hit musical, I'm talking revenue generating. Now, I'm not suggesting anyone in particular because...

... I'm sure you'll figure out who's right for the job, despite Hollywood hype or subliminal advertising.

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