Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Psychic Fiends Network... A Rare Political Side Trip...

This isn't a political blog, but since this does involve Hollywood, I thought I had to include it...

This piece from Nikki Finke says that filmmaker Michael Moore is begging Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to denounce him, in order for Obama to promote his campaign.

This caused me to have one of my PSYCHIC FLASHES!

I had a vision of the future....

Michael Moore will do or say something to force Barack Obama to denounce him to the voting public.

McCain's campaign will then hold up Moore's message, and then say that Obama was just obeying the orders of "them George Clooney Hollyweird liberal types."

McCain wins the election, giving Michael Moore 4 more years of film financing from Hollywood, huge book and public speaking deals, and the unquestioning adoration of the mainstream media.

Because Moore needs a Republican in the White House, because who gave a crap what he said or did during the Clinton years?

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