Monday, 29 September 2008

Harvey Weinstein The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Oh, Harvey, you obviously didn't read my letter to you. Shame on you. Though I did hear that you challenged Nikki Finke to produce an e-mail about your relationship with Sidney Pollack, and that you offered to donate $1 million to charity if she did it.

Well, she did it.

Now you have to drop that million to a deserving, or be called a double-talking four-flusher, again.

But I'm here to help you Harvey, help you help yourself, by helping me.

I suggest donating the million to the Furious D Foundation for the Improvement of the Lifestyle of Furious D. Its mission is simple, to help me live the lifestyle that I wish to become accustomed to, and your donation could be that first step, to not only helping me, but in helping yourself.



  1. So, will this grace the sites of the Hollywood Reporter and its' elk? I mean, this is One Million Dollars! Thrown out by some hollyweird (ex)mogul to challange some little blogger. It's the David v Goliath on this one small day.



  2. Nikki Finke isn't a "little" blogger in the industry. She's read by just about everyone with a serious interest in the business behind showbiz.

    Now it's been reported that Harvey's made these sorts of pledges before, and never lived up to them. So it's probably just more Harvey Big Talk.

    As for the mainstream showbiz press covering it, I don't know. They have no reason to fear Harvey anymore, and a lot of reasons to run with his public humiliation.