Saturday, 6 September 2008

On Comedy... Whoops I Sketched It Again...

In the field of sketch comedy there is bound to be the regurgitation of the same concept in different sketches. This can be done without any malice aforethought or even any knowledge of the other sketch, but just because the idea seems to good to pass up.

So here are two sketches done by different comedians about the same subject:Editing movies for television.


  1. Damn, those comedians where hilarious! I laughed so much my sides started to hurt. Those two weren't enough so I went to Youtube and found more! The stupid German guard and Terminator 3 clips where drop dead great. The latter being done by Merchant Ivory tackling Terminator 3 was incredible. I have no doubt that that one was done well before the actual third one was made and it does make me wonder why the robots kept popping up around that time instead of going back a century! They're robots with a century long battery in them as Arnold mentioned in the second movie! Anyway, check out their take on that movie. I guarantee you won't stop laughing even after it ends.

  2. I've seen the videos, and I will be posting more as sort of a Saturday or Sunday feature to break up my usual pattern of rants and cranks.