Saturday, 13 December 2008

Saturday Silliness Cinema: A Bit of the East Coast

Today I'm posting comedy by comedians from Canada's Maritime provinces, mostly Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

First up, we visit Newfoundland and CODCO, which started in the early 1970s as a theatrical revue called "Cod On A Stick" written by the late Tommy Sexton, and Diane Olsen. The show satirized stereotypes of Newfoundlanders or "Newfies" and their dependence on the cod fishing industry, and had a rotating cast of performers and contributors built around a core group of Greg Malone, Cathy Jones, Mary Walsh, and Andy Jones.

The group toured, broke up, and some worked together on different projects. Sexton and Malone had success with a series of specials called the "S&M Comic Book," which led to an offer from the CBC of having a full series. Instead of doing it by themselves, Sexton and Malone got the core members of CODCO back together for CODCO the series which ran from 1987 to 1992.

Here is one of their signature songs, a salute to a slightly disreputable St. Johns watering hole called the Ship Inn.

Up next is Nikki Payne, a frantic stand-up and sketch performer from Nova Scotia, best known for her trademark lisp, her trailer park upbringing, and her absolute willingness to do anything for a laugh. Here is her "Sex With Bea" parody of the long running "Sex With Sue" advice show.


Our last group is an up and coming young troupe from Halifax called Picnicface, and in this video they're offering a tour of their home city of Halifax Nova Scotia, NSFW for language. Enjoy.

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