Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saturday Silliness Cinema: SPIKE!!!

I finally was able to get out of my house today to restock on some supplies thanks to a neighbour's friend with a snowplow! Hurrah!

So here's today's edition of Saturday Silliness Cinema. Today we're going to take a look at Spike Milligan, the Anglo-Irish, Manic-Depressive, Satirical-Absurdist comedian. He was born to a military family in the then British dominion of India, and had started out as a jazz musician, but after some combat experience in World War 2, became a comedian. In the 1950s he joined comedian Peter Sellers, and singer Harry Secombe to form The Goons. The Goons the grand-daddies of surrealistic-absurdist comedy, inspiring Monty Python and legions of others.

He also became an author, playwright, songwriter, environmentalist, activist against domestic violence, and had an honorary knighthood. (It had to be honorary because of his Irish citizenship)

So here's some samples of Spike's sketch television work.


  1. Don't forget his work on the "Goon Show"

  2. They're a topic onto themselves.

    I'm thinking I might go looking for some Peter Sellers, and then do a Goon Show special.