Thursday, 22 January 2009


No I'm not talking about some new cartoon/toy phenomenon that sweeping the country, I'm talking about putting together a new blog based awards show to honour the films that were snubbed by the Academy Awards voters, hence the SNUBBIES.

So if you would like to nominate up to five movies, actors, directors... etc... etc... then leave them here in the comments.

Then we'll work out a voting system.

Don't be shy, and feel free to unsnub the snubbed.


  1. I don't really care for the idea to be frank. Its too reactive. I'd prefer something like a people's choice awards or Movies that make Money Awards or something along those lines. Instead of dwelling on what the Oscars snubbed, focus on what regular Americans actually enjoy watching.

  2. The trouble with the Oscars is that the entire event/award is a compromise of the lamest variety. For the sake of being "middlebrow" the Oscars have tried to distinguish themselves from populist accolades like the MTV Movie Awards and the People's Choice, as well as the hardcore stuff like Sight & Sound polls and the National Society of Film Critics. By attempting to fill the middle ground, they inherit the worst of both, pandering to "serious" prestige pix and throwing a pathetic bone to the lowest common denominator in the tech categories. It's fake and everyone knows it.

    Interestingly, the first Oscars tried to rectify the problem by having one Best Picture for artistic quality, and another for entertainment value. Why they abandoned this probably has more to do with paleolithic Hollywood politics more than anything else.

    So that's my snub. The 80-year absence of two categories for Art and Entertainment.

  3. I can't give you any snubbies this year because I think the movies have been uniformly mediocre, but in the past, I think Mickey Rourke should have been nominated and won the supporting actor Oscar for Sin City, and Jeff Goldblum should have won the best Oscar for The Fly. And Jeremy Irons should have won the Oscar for Dead Ringers, although he won the next year for Reversal of Fortune. Tom Cruise should have won the best actor award for Born on the Fourth of July, still his best performance.