Thursday, 26 February 2009

Comic Book Confidential: An Open Letter To DC Comics...

Dear DC Comics

I think you can consider this an intervention, because you have a problem, and people are starting to talk about it behind your back.

It's about your recent announcement claiming that you're going to adapt the comic book Suicide Squad to the big screen.

Hmmm... how exactly do I put it...?

You must admit that you have
no intention of actually making that movie.

Come on, you announce new movies as regularly as Harvey Weinstein gets sued, promising Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, half a dozen others, with
nothing to show for it, and I don't care what IMDB says about Justice League: Mortal being in production, I'll believe it when I see it.

Yes, the Batman movies under Christopher Nolan & Co. have been great, but those films seem to exist in spite of DC's movie policies instead of because of them. (And don't get me started on that whiny emo-Superman flick)

But all these announcements with no movies to show for them are making you the comic book version of that guy at the bar who is always saying that he's going to finally take that correspondence course and become a VCR repairman and never does.

Marvel is leaving you in the dust in the movie biz. Take a look at the money they have rolling in. Why can't you?

I know that unlike Marvel, DC Comics is just a cog in a massive corporate behemoth, and that every decision at this company has to be run through a dozen vice-presidents, and a tortoise named Mr. Piddles before anything can be done. But someone in the organization has to grow a pair, stand up and say, "We have to get this damn thing done, and get it done, now!"

I mean it shouldn't be that complicated, you're owned by the studio that releases the movies. It should be simple, but nothing is simple when you're part of a media conglomerate, but that excuse is getting thin, and folks just aren't going to get even remotely interested when you make an announcement anymore.

Remember, I'm pulling for you, but you have to do this for yourself.


--Furious D


  1. There's SOME good news Master D.

    Of course Green Lantern is one of DC's hottest properties right now so if they're going to release a movie soon...

    But then, with Final Crisis and such, DC has been acting like they WANT to go out of business.

  2. I'll believe those announcements when the flicks start rolling in the theatres. Until then, DC will continue to remind me of Canada's two previous Prime Ministers.

    Their favourite tactic was to announce the start of a "wonderful new program" within the "next five years." Then a year later, they'd announce it again, "in the next five years," without actually doing anything.