Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Stuff About Writing and Reading

Personal note...

I'm still plugging away at my little book about show biz. It's now at 74,000+ words, and I'm currently doing a chapter on comic books and comic book related movies. A little history, why they're so popular, and why the companies love making them.

Business note....

In other writing news, Realms of Fantasy, the largest and glossiest fantasy fiction magazine in print was going to be closed very soon by its owner Sovereign Media. But now RofF has a new owner editor/publisher Warren Lapine, and the magazine's expected to be back in full swing by May.

I think this is good news, and not just because I happen to have what I think is a cracking good little adventure resting in their slush pile, but because I think that fiction needs as many viable outlets as possible. I also think that the fiction publishing world needs to market their product aggressively too.

I wish Realms of Fantasy lots of luck, and that they have a great new life, and that's not just because I got something in their slush pile.

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  1. I subscribe to RoF and it's one of my favorite magazines. Not just for the stories but I like the articles they do on historical folklores, tv, movies, etc reviews and so on. You should pick up a subscription too D. (or we loyal readers will send you one for your b-day) Even if they don't pick up your story. (hey, they didn't pick up any of mine yet either)