Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #262: Alpha Stomps Beta

Just when I think that Hollywood's got nothing for me to gripe about, the powers that be deliver a bounty to me, and this time their vessel of plenty is Harvey Weinstein, the head of the Weinstein Co. and producer of cable show Project Runway.

If you don't recall
Project Runway was the flagship show on NBC-Universal's Bravo channel. And last year they were negotiating renewing the show's contract, and Weinstein told NBC-U's CEO Jeff Zucker seven shades of shit about trust, and friendship, while selling the show to rival Lifetime behind Zucker's back.

Well NBC-U sued, and according to reports, they not only won, they gave old Harvey the litigation equivalent of a heavy sack beating, forcing Harvey to issue a statement congratulating Zucker on his victory.

When I've written about this case in the past, (click here for all Weinstein posts) I mentioned that in the Hollywood wolf pack, Jeff Zucker is an Alpha Wolf, and Harvey Weinstein as an independent pr
oducer is a Beta Wolf. And I read somewhere that when an Beta Wolf challenges an Alpha Wolf, the Alpha can't just defeat the Beta in battle. The Alpha must pin the rebellious Beta down and piss on his head as the ultimate symbol of domination. And judging from the statements released about the case, the head-pissing has begun in earnest.

Now I want you to take a moment though, and
think about what just happened.





Okay, did you think about it?


Harvey Weinstein just had his ass handed to him on a plate by Jeff Zucker.

Jeff Zucker.

Of all the people in Hollywood, it had to be him.

Now I'm sure that most of the heavy lifting was done by NBC-U's legal department, but still Harvey Weinstein put himself into a position where he loses millions of dollars in settlements and legal fees, and become Jeff Zucker's proverbial bitch.

How can Harvey Weinstein still call himself a player in showbiz if he let that happen?

How can Harvey Weinstein still look in the mirror if he let that happen?

How can Weinstein Co. investors still allow him to continue pissing away their money in easily avoidable litigation, bad movies, and opportunities lost because of even worse relations with just about everyone they've dealt with.

And here's a little personal note, a friendly word of warning for Harvey, just to show that I'm not all about griping, I try to help.

No one is afraid of you anymore. Sorry, but you did to yourself.

-Sincerely Furious D
It'll be a shame to see you go Harvey, because you're antics are a great source of material for me.

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