Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #265: Lionsgate News & Shameless Self-Promotion (By Me)

According to The Wrap's Sharon Waxman the latest round in the battle between activist corporate raider Carl Icahn and the management of Lionsgate may have gone to the management. One of Icahn's purported allies is reportedly endorsing the management team, and Lionsgate's biggest debtholder is saying that he won't be selling the debt to Icahn in pretty certain terms.

Anyway, this whole thing is getting pretty tight, and the reports are now saying that company and Icahn are back in talks about board seats and coming to some sort of agreement.

I don't know if these reports are true, but it could mean a radical shift in the whole Seige of Lionsgate.


And in other news...shameless self promotion kind of news...

A while ago I was part of a very special project. Authors/Editors Michael Hanson and Edward McKeown had the concept of an anthology of short stories presenting the various facets of a global Lovecraftian apocalypse. Each author was given a basic premise for a short story that was to be part of this larger story, and told to go absolutely nuts with it.

The project eventually became a two book epic called Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse.

Well, we sold the book to Altered Dimensions a small press publisher, and now book one, featuring me and my story The Dixie Chrononauts (containing time travel & monsters) is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Buy it, love it, and declare your love for it on every website you can get your hands on.

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