Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday Silliness Cinema: 2 Canadian Stand-Ups

Time for my weekly break from my usual rants and raves about business to share a laugh with you, my loyal readers. All two of you.

Today we have some stand-up comedy from North of the Border, yep I'm talking Canada.

First up, Canada's reigning king of the one liner, Stewart Francis at a recent appearance on the Craig Ferguson show.

And now a young up and comer from Newfoundland, named Jonny Harris, performing live at the Halifax Comedy Festival.

I'll be back passing harsh judgments on Hollywood soon.

1 comment:

  1. ol' Johnny looks a little stringed out there. I am a guessing a short life for the kid. Most of his gags where great but there where a few that where a bit regional and flew over my head. The first guy was dynamite! One after the other to the end and I hope he brings his wife out of the trunk every once and a while.