Monday, 20 April 2009

Sometimes You Get Pleasant Surprise....

Many years ago I became a member of an online community set up by Kevin Spacey and some corporate sponsors to allow budding screenwriters to read and review each other's work.

The thing is I haven't been able to participate in it for years, literally. But I just got a review for one of the scripts I posted, a horror thriller called
Somebody's Out There, and, of all things, it was a good review, in fact, a glowing review. Maybe a bit too glowing for a simple horror story told in a complicated way, and too bad the reviewer didn't run a studio, but I'll take any praise I can get. It does my already bloated ego good.

And while I'm here, I'm just going to plug the book with my short story. (I have to, it's a small press release, and it needs all the promotion it can get. So order your copy, enjoy my story
The Dixie Chrononauts, and let me know what you think.)

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