Monday, 11 May 2009

Hollywood Babble On & On #283: Beam Up The Money Scotty

Phew, I have a wicked head-cold that keeps me from getting any serious work done, but I think I can squeeze out a short post....

Star Trek has phaser set on "cash" because the alternate-time-line reboot is bringing it in with a shovel. I have no doubt that Paramount is going to declare itself saved by the success of this flick. Well, I think it's a little too early to hit the warp drive, because while the success of the film is a nice beginning, it is just a beginning.

The film may very well have legs and make a mint and a half, before it's theatrical run is over, but there are still a myriad of ways that Paramount can still screw this up. Remember this is Hollywood. The first way is for the studio to take all the credit for the film's success, completely forgetting the filmmakers, and the cast who actually made the movie, and screw them out of any promised profit share. This would build resentment, and in Hollywood resentment costs money, lots of money.

Of course Paramount would then try to play divide and conquer, showering love on the two top leads, Pine and Quinto, while trying to squeeze the other cast-members either into obedience, or out on their ear. Or try to play the whole cast against J.J. Abrams, whom they are probably already scheming to replace with the always pliable Brett Ratner.

And I'm not even including the Paramount shareholders and financial investors who actually paid for the movie to get made. Because when it comes to pleasing shareholders and investors, or buying their CEO a new mansion, the CEO always wins.

So when the Paramount bigwigs start tooting their own horns and declaring a new golden age, don't believe the hype, because they can still blow it big time.

I gotta go clear my head.

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  1. I'm saddened that this movie was made near the tip of death for 'Star Trek'. 'Enterprise' was not meant to be a call to cancel, but in all. I really thought that was it. Then this cash cow rolls in and paramound licks its collective lips on the green for it.

    This series should've been put aside for a few decades to lick its lame off for a big 2050 comeback. but now its hot, hot, HOT property all over again.

    I saw it and do agree that it's good popcorn, easily forgettable out the bijou. It did have Grand Canyon plot holes and doesn't have the kick of Ironman nor The Dark Knight, but that's fine. Easily forgettable.