Saturday, 16 May 2009

Saturday Silliness Cinema: Happy Victoria Day!

This is a long holiday weekend in Canada, thanks to the lovely Queen Victoria, and in honour of that holiday, I'm posting a couple of videos that highlight two truly Canadian stand-up road warriors.

First up is Ron James, who started out as a sketch performer with Toronto's Second City in the 1980s. After an unsuccessful sojourn as an actor in Los Angeles James was inspired to turn his Hollywood experiences into a stand-up show called "Up & Down in Shakey Town." The show was a huge hit, and turned him overnight from a failed actor, to one of Canada's top stand-up attractions.

He's continued with a series of specials for the CBC about Canada and Canadians, in this segment he discusses that ever-present Canuck institution, the Tim Hortons Donut Shop.

Up next is Derek Edwards, who is considered the comedian's comedian, being praised by his peers for his unique delivery and clever material. In this clip he's discussing an outbreak of Mad Cow disease in Canada.

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