Friday, 12 June 2009

Strictly Business: What Elmer Fudd Can Teach Us

I found this cartoon, that I think is key to explaining some pretty basic economics, and what I believe to be the true reason for the economic downturn that's hurt so many people. So watch, enjoy, and then read on.

Now what's the key thing in that cartoon about investing?

It's that the money gets invested in the creation of something new. A lot of the money-making "financial products" basically had nothing to do with creation, and money that is not being used to create something, like a good, or a service, is basically just a bet on a bubble, and you're better off going to Las Vegas.

Because the only way to safely grow money, and do all the improvements in the standard of living, not just for yourself, but for everyone, is to create, to build. Anything else is just a gamble.

I'm trolling for some show-biz news for me to bitch about, and will try to get something up later.

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