Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday Silliness Cinema: Mr. Show

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, a combination of hot weather, no real news, and an attack of the dumbs. But I'm back with my usual Saturday offering of comedy videos, and I'll be back to ranting about business as soon as I stop being so damn lazy.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a sampling from the 90s HBO comedy series Mr. Show.


  1. That last one never finished the dang Joke! At least I have 'South Park'.

  2. Sorry about this Mr. D. But I put in a post at another website called 'Big Hollywood' in one of the daily Open blog postings. I got a "so sorry, must be held for review"... It involved a sorta review of the movie 'Public Enemy' and went like this:

    Just watched 'Public Enemy' and have to say that Michael Mann has de-evolved from a great director to a two cent tv whore producer. He is one of the few who has jumped into the digital era of cameras with the making of 'Collateral', and decided that the people who does 'COPS!' has the right idea in how to film anything. He put that to the test with the abysmal works of 'Miami Vice' and has now topped (sorry) Dropped that much further with PE. I had to walk out of the theater when they finally ended Dillingers' life in slooow motion -as I predicted- by just shooting him on the street walk instead of that ally of which it actually ended. I really should of walked in with some Dramamine before I came too.

    What the hell is wrong with this posting?! No expletives in any of it. What is going on?!

    Again, sorry for reposting on your site. But I'm a bit pissed for it and had to vent on another hollyweird specific website.