Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Just a quick note...

Welcome to the show folks...

I'm on the road right now, Michigan to be exact. The trip over was an adventure in itself.

I had to make a connection from Toronto airport to Detroit, and had to take a bus ride to the "special" terminal, that had me pass through Michigan twice. Then I boarded a prop plane that was so old, the first man who flew it, used it to shoot down the Red Baron.

Hopefully I'll find some time to do some the showbiz vitriol I do so well, but that will be tricky while I'm traveling.

So, feel free to roam the archives, because things tend to repeat themselves in Hollywood, and much of it will still be fitting.


  1. OK, Right... This industry is kind enough not doing anything spectacular during your travel period.

    But this will not last forever, soon MGM will announce a remake of Singin in the Rain by the director of the new Fame (and starring a HSM refugee). And we will need your wisdom and your snarks.

    So come back ASAP and don't do that to your worshippers ever again! ;-)

  2. Thierry, you're funny. If I had ten extra minutes a day I would definitely squeeze in your blog. Thanks for filling in for the Furious One while he's away. I needed the chuckle.