Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Book Report: Good Luck With That...

Welcome to the show folks...

It's the week of Thanksgiving in the USA, and Thanksgiving week is pretty much a wank when it comes to business news since all you Americans are busy gorging on turkey, and waddling your gravy sweating carcasses to the local mall on Friday morning to shop yourselves into credit oblivion.

Sorry, I'm feeling a little cranky today.

Since it's a slow for movie news I'm going to talk about something your unfocused brain-dead eyes haven't been in front of for a long time. I'm talking books.


While doing an on-stage confab with director David Cronenberg, prolific author Stephen King let slip that he might, perhaps, someday do a sequel to his classic horror novel The Shining.

So far he has a title,
Doctor Sleep, and a rough concept where a now 40 year old Danny Torrance is working, and using his "shine" with patients at a hospice for the dying.

And that's it, so far.

In other news...


Michael Moorcock will be picking up his quill and scribbling out a new Doctor Who novel.

Now for those adult enough to stop sniggling over the sound of his name, Mr. Moorcock is a prominent, popular, and incredibly prolific author of science-fiction and fantasy, and the creator of the Elric of Menibone saga. He has been a Whovian since the 1960s, and is quite eager to write this book, if he hasn't already finished by the time it took me to write this.

Well, here's what I say to Mr. King and Mr. Moorcock.

Good luck.

Both works will be held up to possibly unreasonably high expectations, so I hope that they at least meet, and hopefully exceed those expectations.

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  1. Stephen King has been off his game for years. He needs to just retire to further save him from making an ass of himself.