Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Woodward R.I.P.

British actor Edward Woodward passed away at age 79.

I first saw him when I was a kid in the Anglo-Australian movie
Breaker Morant, where he delivered a powerhouse performance. He was best known to American audiences though for his 80s action/adventure show The Equalizer.

The Equalizer, Woodward played Robert McCall, a retired operative for a mysterious intelligence organization who rents himself out for free to the harassed, threatened and oppressed as a vigilante.

One of the sad ironies of the old
Equalizer show was that a then 55+ year old Englishman in a nattily tailored suit and impeccable manners made a more believable "tough guy" than most of the current crop of Hollywood's leading men.

He will be missed.

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  1. Ken Ober the host of MTV's Remote Control died age 52.

    So who will be #3