Friday, 18 December 2009

Jennifer Jones & Dan O'Bannon RIP

These things do seem to come in threes.

Right after the death of Roy Disney comes news that actress Jennifer Jones passed away at the age of 90, and that science-fiction and horror screenwriter Dan O'Bannon died at age 63.

Jennifer Jones won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film Song of Bernadette in 1943, but to was also known to film buffs as the wife and muse of powerhouse independent producer David O. Selznick, her second husband.

Dan O'Bannon wrote and/or directed some of the wildest, scariest, and occasionally disgusting movies ever made. From the chest bursting classic Alien, to the downright WTF naked space vampire film Lifeforce, and the first intended zombie comedy Return of the Living Dead.

Both made their marks on movie history and will be missed.

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