Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Roy Disney R.I.P.

Roy E. Disney, the nephew of animation legend Walt Disney, influential businessman, and last member of the Disney family to be active in running the company that bears its name passed away at the age of 79.

While the Disney Co. and I have had our differences, I must acknowledge that Roy Disney was as important to the company as his famous uncle, if not more so.

While Walt started the company, and Roy's father made sure it was financially stable, it was Roy E. Disney who kept the company alive and helped transform it from a sinking ship ripe for a takeover, to the media behemoth that takes over other companies.

He was a tireless boardroom warrior who led two successful campaigns to save the company. When it came to doing his job he looked beyond his quarterly bonus, and considered such things as the company's long term health, and the legacy of not only his uncle, but himself as the representative of the Disney family.

Rest in peace Roy.


  1. Just being partly responsible for ridding Disney of the Eisner disease should win him a place next to Walt in creator's heaven.

  2. Maybe his head will be frozen and place next to Walt's in the Disney vault.