Sunday, 20 December 2009

What the Hell?

Reports are coming in that actress Brittany Murphy, who starred in films like Clueless, and Sin City, died today at age 32.

Now 32 year old actresses don't just drop dead, so the internet is already buzzing with rumors of drug use, which, if true, compounds the tragedy.

It compounds it because if it does turn out to be a drug related death, then all her work, her talent, her appeal, and everything else that made her unique is now gone, wiped off the board by the sheer banality of being yet another Hollywood drug casualty on a long line of Hollywood drug casualties dating back to the Silent Era.

I don't want to mock her tragic death, and I offer my condolences to her friends and family, but if it turns out to be purely natural causes, I will be relieved.


  1. It's sad but that was my first reaction when I heard of her death.

    "Young hollywood type dies suddenly? Must be drugs."

    Like you I hope I'm wrong.

  2. When tragedies like this happen to soemone young as her.

    If is cause of 3 things

    1. Drugs

    2. Some preexisting medical condition the public has no knowledge of.

    3. Foul Play

    Hollywood goes out of their way to promote these destructive lifestyles and them keep schratching their heads when their best and brightest wind up dead.