Saturday, 23 January 2010

Saturday Silliness Cinema: Johnny Carson!

Welcome to the show folks...

With all the late night travails dominating show-biz news, I thought I'd dig up some bits by the man who became the unchallenged (until 1992) King of Late Night, Johnny Carson.

Well, heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee's Johnny!


  1. Carson was the one and only King of Latenight. Nobody has ever touched him. When he retired, the title was retired.

  2. I only said he was challenged, not replaced.

  3. Thanks to Zucker, He pretty much probably destroyed the Tonight Show with this dick move. I do not see any viewership after the public admiration Conan got in this mess and from what I heard there are many celebs who will boycott the Jay Leno re-helmed show.

    Conan should just move to cable and have a new show with new characters.


  4. Late night TV audiences were already shrinking overall, at least they were until Conan's shafting by NBC.

    Jay may get some of his old (by every definition) viewers, but the ability to attract new eyes that Conan can get when unrestrained by network interference, and given enough time to develop word of mouth, has definitely been lost.

    The brands of both the Tonight Show and Jay himself have been irreparably tainted. I won't think that any boycotting geusts will bother Jay too much. Most of the people threatening the boycott are comedians, and Jay's normally hesitant to book them for fear that NBC will replace him.

    As long as the movie stars, and MTV reality whores obey their publicists, Jay'll have guests.

  5. This move by Zucker is just going to speed up the already dwindling numbers. He made a network that was a joke into a much bigger one. This is why I replaced watching youtube with regular cable these days.

    Any shows I like I just bittorrent the eps when they are available.