Friday, 19 February 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #458: Conan King of the Road?

Welcome to the show folks...

This is interesting. It seems that Conan O'Brien, unable to appear on television due to his exit deal with NBC, is planning on a nationwide live performance tour.

Personally I think that if it's done right, it's a great idea, and more importantly, it's something that Conan can use to put the screws to Jay, and NBC.

Here's how-

The tour should be more than just Conan, and probably Andy Richter. He should bring along a rotating troupe of up and coming comedians (stand up / sketch), musicians, and.... wait for it... local performers. I'm talking about sending out point men to scope out all the best local comedians, bands, and sketch performers, and give them a spotlight on the show.

The point of this is to create a spotlight, and a shot at national exposure for literally an entire generation of young performers. Especially when the best of the best get a slot on a television special put together from the footage made by a video crew recording every minute of the tour.

Young performers who will all feel they owe Conan something, but owe Leno and NBC the steam off their pee.

Jay's already going to have to screen guests for anyone that may replace him, or embarrass him for his perfidy. Which means that only an extremely small percentage of worthy performers will appear on Jay's reconstituted Tonight Show. This further taints the well, and with Jay having to scrape the bottom of reality TV's barrel to find guests, Conan will be able to move to a new network, with a whole cadre of performers who will support him, because he supported them.

Revenge is a death best served cold, and in show biz, on stage.


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