Monday, 22 February 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #459: A Couple of Quickies

Welcome to the show folks...

The bidding for Miramax is down to the final five four bidders. Summit, has dropped out, ruining my plans to rename the company Summiramax, as well as indie film vet Amir Malin and his backers, leaving only these guys in the game (with appropriate commentary):

1. Lionsgate (Could use the name to market more upscale fare from Lionsgate's bread butter horror movies and whatever Tyler Perry manages to shit out. Plus the library will provide them some needed roughage for when the home video market finally levels out.)

2. The Weinstein Company (Apparently backed by some hedge funds, because without them their offer would have been some of Harvey's bedroom furniture, and Bob's pet ocelot Chester.)

3. Platinum Partners run by Sam and Tom Gores (This is a mergers and acquisitions firm, not a film company. So they may only be interested in the assets, for future division and sale, or they have a real interest in getting into the movie biz.)

4. Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik (I have no clue about this guy, other than he's Russian, has $7 billion in the kitty, and is also bidding for MGM. So it looks like he's got a serious hankering for a movie studio.

In other Weinstein news...

Harvey, Bob, and company have inked a deal to have TWC's productions distributed, and marketed through Sony.

Now all they have to do make some films people actually want to see, and they might have a chance at survival.

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  1. Hopefully the Russian gets it. I'm looking forward to movies about Russian Rambos going after Ukrainian terrorists with nothing but an RPG 7, a case of vodka and their pet bear "Boris".

    Either that or fawning biopics about Putin.