Monday, 15 February 2010

Slooooow News Alert

Welcome to the show folks....

It's a crushingly slow day for biz news, probably because it's some sort of holiday down in the USA, and since I spent all Valentine's Day wallowing in bitterness, rejection, and cheap homemade gin, I haven't produced much of the bloggy goodness that you all crave like the salivating dogs that you are.

So I'm going to dip my toe in the bubbling cauldron of random Hollywood news bits in the hope that something interesting pops up.

1. Barbra Walters has announced that this years pre-Oscar interview
special will be her last. Leaving celebrities at a loss for lame soft-ball questions, and cheap excuses to cry on television.

2. Kevin Smith was ejected (not literally) from a Southwest flight for being a "safety risk." Now most are saying that it was over his weight, but I suspect that the pilot was worried that he would make people watch Jersey Girl as the in-flight movie.

Valentine's Day, the movie, just happened to be a big moneymaker this past weekend. Yet all the Hollywood business press are acting like a romantic chick flick doing well on Valentine's Day weekend is some sort of sign of the rapture. WTF? I know Avatar's been dominant this winter, but other movies still exist, and people don't need to see every goddamn thing in 3D CGI.

4. Chris Pine from
Star Trek is reported the front runner for the role of Captain America. He's in the lead because the studios have yet to figure out how to clone Taylor Lautner in time for the shoot to begin.

5. NBC is raking in good ratings for the Vancouver Olympics. No doubt Zucker is probably telling advertisers that NBC is back on top, and I'm pretty sure that those same advertisers are thinking: "Sure, you're doing great with the Olympics, but they only last a couple of weeks, and after that we're back to the sort of crap NBC plops out as usual."

And not say that there's something a little off with NBC's Olympics, but during the medal ceremony for one of the skiing events, the Gold Medal winner was replaced by Jay Leno.

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  1. NBC is doing so bad that there are jokes about their shows on iCarly.