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Hollywood Babble On & On #467: Corey Haim Is Dead

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Actor Corey Haim, who became an overnight teen idol in the 1980s in films like The Lost Boys, and License to Drive, has been found dead in his apartment of a suspected drug overdose.

His was the classic child-star implosion story. Having a lot of success as a teenager, only to have drugs, alcohol, and other bad choices destroy first his career, then him, joining this list of famous drug related deaths:
  1. Brian "Crush" Adams (44) - professional wrestler, accidental overdose of painkillers.
  2. Nick Adams (36) - actor, death officially certified as "accidental-suicidal and undetermined", high levels of sedatives found in his blood.
  3. Stuart Adamson (43) - musician, Big Country, self-asphyxiation under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Michael Brent Adkisson (23) - professional wrestler, suicide, overdosed on tranquilizers.
  5. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (35) - writer, committed suicide by overdosing on veronal.
  6. GG Allin (36) - punk musician, heroin overdose.
  7. Bridgette Andersen (21) former child actress, alcohol and heroin overdose.
  8. Pier Angeli (39) actress, died of anaphylactic shock after being given a tranquilizer by her doctor.
  9. Matthew Ansara (35) - actor, heroin overdose.
  10. Chris Antley (34) - champion horse-racing jockey, multiple drug overdose and injuries likely related to a fall caused by the drugs.
  11. West Arkeen (36) - musician, drug overdose.
  12. Howard Arkley (48) - painter, heroin overdose.
  13. Kevyn Aucoin - photographer & make-up artist, kidney and liver failure due to Tylenol toxicity, as a result of a prescription painkiller addiction.
  14. Lester Bangs (33) - music critic, musician, an overdose of Darvon and Valium and Nyquil.
  15. Jean-Michel Basquiat (27) - painter, heroin overdose.
  16. Scotty Beckett (38) - American former child actor, suspected overdose.
  17. Steve Bechler - Major League Baseball pitcher, died of a heatstroke, the coroner indicated that "the toxicity of ephedra played a signifcant role" among many factors in contributing to his death.
  18. John Belushi (33) - of the Blues Brothers, actor, and comedian, heroin and cocaine overdose (speedball).
  19. Wes Berggren - musician, Tripping Daisy.
  20. Leah Betts (18) - schoolgirl, ecstasy related.
  21. Len Bias (22) - basketball player; died of cocaine overdose before ever playing in the NBA.
  22. Bam Bam Bigelow (stagename of Scott Charles Bigelow) (45) - professional wrestler, toxic levels of cocaine and anti anxiety drug.
  23. Count Gottfried von Bismarck (44) - Aristocrat, cocaine overdose.
  24. Mike Bloomfield (36) - blues guitarist, heroin overdose.
  25. Tommy Bolin (25) - musician, Deep Purple, drugs overdose.
  26. Christopher Bowman (40) - former professional ice skater, drug overdose.
  27. Elisa Bridges (29) - model, acute intoxication - combined effects of heroin, methamphetamine, meperidine and alprazolam
  28. Lenny Bruce (40) - comedian, morphine overdose.
  29. Tim Buckley (28) - rock and roll musician, heroin overdose.
  30. Chad Butler (aka "Pimp C") - rap musician, accidental overdose of Promethazine/Codeine "syrup" mixed with a pre-existing medical condition, sleep apnea.
  31. Paul Butterfield (44) - musician, sources report drug related heart failure or simply drug overdose
  32. Andrés Caicedo (25) - writer, drug overdose, consumed 60 pills of Secobarbital.
  33. Casey Calvert (26) - guitarist of Hawthorne Heights, accidental drug overdose through mixture of opiates, citalopram, and clonazepam.
  34. Ken Caminiti (41) - former Major League Baseball player; acute cocaine and opiates intoxication.
  35. Max Cantor (32) - actor, journalist who researched addicts in New York, heroin overdose.
  36. Truman Capote (59) - writer, liver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication.
  37. Vic Chesnutt - musician, overdose of prescription medication (suicide).
  38. Steve Clark (30) - musician, Def Leppard, accidental lethal overdose of codeine, along with valium and morphine and alcohol at more than 3 times the legal British limit
  39. Bob Collins (61) - politician, suicide from prescription drugs and alcohol.
  40. Natasha Collins (31) - actress - cocaine overdose.
  41. Brian Cole (29) - musician, the Association, heroin overdose.
  42. Megan Connolly (27) - actress, heroin overdose.
  43. Pamela Courson (27) - common law wife of Jim Morrison of The Doors, heroin overdose.
  44. Carl Crack (30) - musician, Atari Teenage Riot, drug overdose.
  45. Darby Crash (21) - punk musician, of The Germs, heroin overdose, reported as suicide.
  46. Robbin Crosby (42) musician with Ratt, reported causes of his death include heroin overdose, and AIDS-related complications, which he admitted to contracting from shooting drugs.
  47. Dalida (54) - singer, suicide, barbiturates overdose.
  48. Dorothy Dandridge (42) - actress, singer, anti-depressant overdose.
  49. Jesse Ed Davis (43) - guitarist, session musician, drug overdose.
  50. Teri Diver (29) - pornographic actress, accidental drug overdose
  51. Kiki Djan (47) - musician, AIDS and drugs related complications.
  52. DJ Screw (the stagename of Robert Earl Davis, Jr) (29) - musician, accidental codeine overdose and mixed drug intoxication.
  53. Desmond Donnelly (53) - politician/ businessman/ journalist, suicide under influence of alcohol/ overdose of barbiturates.]
  54. Tommy Dorsey (51) - jazz musician and bandleader, choked to death while sleeping with the aid of drugs.
  55. John Dougherty - musician, Flipper, heroin overdose.
  56. Eric Douglas (46) - stand-up comedian, "acute intoxication" by the effects of alcohol, tranquilizers and painkillers.
  57. Nick Drake (26) - musician, anti-depressant overdose, disputed suicide.
  58. Michael Dransfield (24) - poet, sources report conflicting causes of death, including infection related to drug use and "acute broncho-pneumonia and brain damage".
  59. Kevin DuBrow (52) - rock vocalist, cocaine overdose.
  60. Bobby Duncum, Jr. (34) - professional wrestler, prescription drug overdose.
  61. Anthony Durante (36) - professional wrestler, fentanyl overdose.
  62. Jeanne Eagels (35) - actress, alcohol and/or heroin abuse.
  63. John Entwistle (57) - musician, bassist for the Who, died from heart failure brought upon by cocaine use.
  64. Brian Epstein (32) - Manager of The Beatles, accidental sleeping pill overdose.
  65. Howie Epstein (47) - musician, ex-bassist with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, heroin overdose.
  66. Chris Farley (33) - comedian, cocaine and morphine overdose (speedball).
  67. Pete Farndon (31) - musician, the Pretenders, drowned/ heroin overdose.
  68. Rainer Werner Fassbinder (37) - playwright, director, cocaine overdose (possible suicide).
  69. Brenda Fassie (39) - singer, initial press reports cited complications of asthma attack while a later autopsy "mentioned cocaine overdose".
  70. Althea Flynt - co-publisher of Hustler magazine, drowned after passing out after drug overdose.
  71. Zac Foley (31) - musician, EMF, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, barbiturates and alcohol in bloodstream.
  72. Katy French (24) - model and socialite, cocaine use.
  73. Sigmund Freud (83) - neurologist, long-term cocaine use, physician assisted morphine overdose (euthanasia).
  74. Danny Gans (52) - Impressionist, Las Vegas entertainer. Accidental prescription drug overdose.
  75. Paul Gardiner (25) - musician, Tubeway Army, heroin overdose.
  76. Judy Garland (47) - singer and actress, barbiturate (secobarbital) overdose. Her death certificate states the overdose was "accidental" however there is speculation it was intentional.
  77. Lowell George (34) - musician, Little Feat, drug overdose.
  78. Talitha Getty (30) - actress, heroin overdose in Rome 1971.
  79. Trevor Goddard (40) - actor, accidental overdose of heroin, cocaine, valium and vicodin.
  80. Dwayne Goettel (31) - musician, Skinny Puppy, heroin overdose.
  81. Adam Goldstein (36) - AKA DJ AM, American club DJ, accidental drug overdose— cocaine, Levamisole, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Ativan, Klonapin and Xanax.
  82. Eddie Guerrero (38) - professional wrestler, "heart disease, complicated by an enlarged heart resulting from a history of anabolic steroid use."
  83. Clinton Haines - (21) computer hacker, heroin overdose.
  84. Bobby Hatfield (63) - musician, The Righteous Brothers, heart attack triggered by cocaine overdose.
  85. Tim Hardin (39) - folk musician, heroin overdose.
  86. Brynn Hartman (49) - wife and murderer of comedian Phil Hartman, suicide after cocaine, alcohol and Zoloft.
  87. Phyllis Haver (60) - actress, barbiturate overdose, suspected suicide
  88. James Hayden (29) - actor, heroin overdose.
  89. Paul Hayward - rugby league player, heroin overdose in prison while serving time for drug smuggling
  90. Mitch Hedberg (37) - comedian, multiple drug toxicity (cocaine and heroin).
  91. Tim Hemensley - indie musician, member of GOD, heroin overdose.
  92. Margaux Hemingway (41) - actress, disputed suicide, overdose of phenobarbital.
  93. Jimi Hendrix (27) - rock and roll musician, respiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation.
  94. Curt Hennig (44) - professional wrestler, cocaine overdose.
  95. Gino Hernandez (28) - wrestler, cocaine overdose.
  96. Abbie Hoffman (52) - social and political activist in the United States, suicide by overdose of Phenobarbital pills.
  97. Gary Holton (33) - actor and musician, heroin overdose.
  98. James Honeyman-Scott (25) - musician, the Pretenders, drug overdose
  99. Shannon Hoon (28) - musician, singer in Blind Melon, cocaine overdose.
  100. Howard Hughes (70) - aviator, engineer, industrialist, movie producer, liver failure - physician administered overdose of codeine at "the highest clinical level ever recorded"
  101. Gertrude Hullett (71) - a patient of Dr. John Bodkin Adams who was acquitted of multiple murder charges including Hullett's death, drug overdose.
  102. Elizabeth Hulette (42) - professional wrestling manager, accidental overdose of alcohol, pain killers, nausea medication and tranquilizers.
  103. Harold Hunter (31) - professional skateboarder and actor, heart attack due to cocaine overdose.
  104. Phyllis Hyman (45) - singer, suicide involving pentobarbital and secobarbital.
  105. Michael Jackson (50) - musician, died June 25, 2009, lethal dose of propofol along with two sedatives.
  106. Steven Ronald "Stevo" Jensen - musician, The Vandals, prescription drug overdose.
  107. Anissa Jones (18) - actress, accidental overdose of barbiturates, cocaine, quaaludes, and PCP.
  108. Rob Jones (musician) (a.k.a. The Bass Thing) - musician - former bassist of The Wonder Stuff, sources report contradictory information which include: heart problems, heart attack, potentially caused by heroin, drug related causes.
  109. Russell Jones (better known by his stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard, 35) - hip hop musician, accidental overdose, cocaine and prescription painkiller
  110. Janis Joplin (27) - rock and roll and blues musician, heroin overdose.
  111. John Kahn (48) - musician, Jerry Garcia Band, heroin overdose
  112. David Kennedy (28) - fourth child of Robert F. Kennedy, cocaine, Demerol, and Mellaril overdose.
  113. Bernard Kettlewell (72) - lepidopterist and medical doctor, drug overdose.
  114. Dorothy Kilgallen (52) - journalist and television game show panelist, fatal combination of alcohol and barbiturate
  115. John Kordic (27) - hockey player, drug overdose following a clash with the police.
  116. Alan Ladd (50) - actor, accidental overdose of alcohol and three drugs.
  117. Karen Lancaume (stagename of Karen Bach) (32) - pornographic actress, overdose of medication (suicide).
  118. Carole Landis (29) - actress, overdose of sleeping pills (suicide).
  119. Heath Ledger (28) - actor, accidental death Combined Drug Intoxication of various prescription drugs, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, temazepam, and others
  120. Bruce Lee (32) - actor, martial artist, died of acute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds present in the prescription pain killing drug Equagesic
  121. Gerald Levert (40) - R&B singer, accidental combination of prescription medications.
  122. Frank X. Leyendecker - illustrator, suspected morphine overdose.
  123. Debbie Linden (36) - glamour model & actress, heroin overdose.
  124. Eugene Lipscomb (31) - American football player, heroin overdose.
  125. Mike Lockwood (32) - professional wrestler, "A lethal combination of painkillers was found in his system"
  126. Zoe Tamerlis Lund (37 - model, actress, and writer, heart failure due to cocaine use.
  127. Donyale Luna (34) - supermodel & actress, drug overdose.
  128. Frankie Lymon (25) - musician, doo wop singer, heroin overdose.
  129. Phil Lynott (36) - musician, Thin Lizzy, sources report various causes of death, including: heart and liver failure, heart failure and pneumonia after a drugs overdose,[150] and blood poisoning from heroin addiction.
  130. Billy Mackenzie (39) - musician, the Associates, drug overdose (suicide).
  131. Chris Mainwaring (41) - Australian football player, overdose.
  132. Bibek Maitra - Indian politician, initial post mortem indicated drug overdose
  133. Billy Mays (50) - pitchman, heart disease with cocaine being a "contributory cause"
  134. Jimmy McCulloch (26) - musician with Wings, guitarist, heroin overdose.
  135. Robbie McIntosh (24) - musician, Average White Band, heroin overdose.
  136. Aimee Semple McPherson (53) - Canadian-born evangelist, shock and respiratory failure due to overdose of prescription barbiturates.
  137. Jonathan Melvoin (34) - touring keyboardist for the Smashing Pumpkins, heroin overdose.
  138. Marilyn Monroe (36) - actress, overdose of barbiturate-based sleeping pills.
  139. Keith Moon (32) - musician, the Who, accidental overdose on anti-seizure medication prescribed for alcoholism.
  140. Chester Morris (69) - actor, barbiturate overdose.
  141. Jim Morrison (27) - musician, The Doors, the official cause of death is recorded as heart failure, in his Paris apartment. Sam Bernett claims that Morrison died in Bernett's club, with heroin overdose as the suspected cause.
  142. Billy Murcia - musician, New York Dolls, sources variously report the death as alcohol related, or drowning after a drug overdose or as a drug overdose
  143. Brittany Murphy (32) - actress, "combination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and 'multiple drug intoxication.'" All of the drugs were legal.
  144. Brent Mydland (37) - musician, keyboardist, of the Grateful Dead, cocaine/morphine overdose.
  145. Bradley Nowell (28) - musician, Sublime, heroin overdose.
  146. Hugh O'Connor (32) - actor, of In the Heat of the Night TV series, suicide under influence of cocaine.
  147. Lani O'Grady (46) - actress, of Eight Is Enough - "multiple drug intoxication."
  148. Johnny O'Keefe (43) - musician / singer, some sources indicate drug overdose while others indicate heart attack
  149. Bryan Ottoson (27) - musician, American Head Charge, accidental prescription-drug overdose.
  150. Marco Pantani (34) - cyclist, Tour de France winner; cerebral and pulmonary oedema potentially brought on by "tranquillisers, antidepressants and sedatives ... against a background of prolonged cocaine abuse"
  151. Robert Pastorelli (49) - television actor, heroin overdose.
  152. Gram Parsons (26) - country musician, of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, morphine overdose.
  153. Chris Penn (40) - actor, brother of Sean Penn, enlarged heart through drug use and a high level of codeine.
  154. Christopher Pettiet (24) - actor, drug overdose.
  155. Kristen Pfaff (27) - musician, ex-member of Hole, heroin overdose.
  156. Esther Phillips (48) - musician, singer, liver and kidney failure due to drug use
  157. River Phoenix (23) - actor, overdose of heroin and cocaine
  158. Rob Pilatus (32) - musician, Milli Vanilli, drug overdose.
  159. Dana Plato (34) - actress, drug overdose
  160. Darrell Porter (50) - Major League Baseball catcher, broadcaster, cocaine overdose.
  161. Freddie Prinze (22) - comic, actor, accidental gunshot wound while under the influence of methaqualone and alcohol
  162. Glenn Quinn (32) - actor, heroin overdose.
  163. Dee Dee Ramone (50) - musician, the Ramones, drug overdose.
  164. Michael Reeves (25) - film director, alcohol and barbiturate overdose.
  165. Wallace Reid (31) - actor, drug overdose
  166. Elis Regina (36) - singer, cocaine overdose.
  167. Brad Renfro (25) - actor, overdose of heroin and morphine.
  168. Rachel Roberts (53) - actress - barbiturate overdose (suicide).
  169. Don Rogers (23) - American football player, cardiac arrest due to cocaine overdose.
  170. Steve Rogers (rugby league) (51) - rugby player, accidental lethal combination of anti-depressants and alcohol
  171. Alma Rubens (33) - actress, illness caused by heroin and cocaine addiction.
  172. David Ruffin (50) - musician, the Temptations, adverse reaction to cocaine.
  173. George Sanders (65) - actor, overdose of sleeping pills (Nembutal) (suicide)
  174. Catya Sassoon (33) - model and actress, overdose of hydromorphone.
  175. Ronnie Scott (69) - jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz-club owner, died from an accidental overdose of perscribed barbiturates.
  176. Jean Seberg (40) - actress, drug overdose (suicide).
  177. Rod Scurry (36) - Major League Baseball relief pitcher, died of a heart attack in a hospital after a drug related incident with the police.
  178. Edie Sedgwick (28) - actress, drug overdose.
  179. Bobby Sheehan (31) - musician and founding member of Blues Traveler, drug overdose.
  180. Eric Show (37) - baseball player, cocaine and heroin overdose.
  181. Judee Sill (35) - folk musician, heroin and cocaine overdose.
  182. Don Simpson (52) - film producer, heart attack induced by cocaine, 20 other drugs in his body at time of death.
  183. Tom Simpson (29) - road racing cyclist, dehydration and exhaustion while cycling, amphetamines as a factor
  184. Hillel Slovak (26) - musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers, heroin overdose.
  185. Anna Nicole Smith (stagename of Vickie Lynn Marshall) (39) - Playboy playmate, actress, reality show star, lethal combination of chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines.
  186. Daniel Smith (20) - Son of Anna Nicole Smith, part-time actor and director, cardiac dysrhythmia caused by combination of methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft.
  187. Louie Spicolli (stagename of Louis Mucciolo, Jr.) (27) - professional wrestler, some sources indicate drug overdose while some indicate coronary disease that might have been impacted by drug use
  188. Layne Staley (34) - musician, Alice in Chains, overdose cocaine, heroin, codeine
  189. Joey Stefano (stagename of Nicholas Anthony Iacona, Jr.) (26) - pornographic actor, overdose of cocaine, morphine, heroin and ketamine.
  190. Miroslava Stern (29) - actress, suicide - overdose of sleeping pills.
  191. Inger Stevens (35) - actress, suicide - overdose of barbiturates.
  192. Rory Storm (33) - musician, overdose of alcohol and medication.
  193. Margaret Sullavan (48) - actress, deliberate barbiturate overdose.
  194. Paige Summers (stagename of Nancy Ann Coursey) (27) - pornographic model & actress, a drug overdose from a combination of the painkillers codeine and oxycodone.
  195. Warren Tartaglia (Walid al-Taha) (21) - jazz musician & one of six founders of Moorish Orthodox Church of America, heroin overdose.
  196. Chase Tatum (34) former wrestler for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling organization, apparent drug overdose.
  197. Vinnie Taylor - musician, Sha Na Na, heroin overdose.
  198. Gary Thain (27) - musician, Uriah Heep, drug overdose.
  199. Jotie T'Hooft (21) - poet, drug overdose
  200. Johnny Thunders (38) - musician, the New York Dolls, some sources report heroin overdose or methadone and cocaine poisoning[232] or that the autopsy did not disclose a cause of death
  201. Georg Trakl (27) - Austrian poet, intentional cocaine overdose
  202. D. M. Turner (34) - author of books about psychedelic experiences, drowned in a bathtub while on ketamine
  203. Ike Turner (76) - musician/producer, died from cocaine overdose with high blood pressure and emphysema as contributing factors[236].
  204. Dick Twardzik (24) - bebop jazz pianist, heroin overdose
  205. John Tyndall (73) - physicist, accidental overdose of chloral hydrate
  206. Stu Ungar (45) - Three-time World Series of Poker Main Event winner, heart condition caused by long-term cocaine abuse
  207. Enrique Urquijo (39) - singer, drug overdose.
  208. Paul Vaessen (40) - former professional footballer with Arsenal, drug overdose.
  209. Lupe Vélez (36) - actress, secobarbital overdose (suicide).
  210. Michael VerMeulen (38) - magazine editor, drug overdose.
  211. Sid Vicious (21) - musician, the Sex Pistols, heroin overdose
  212. Robert Walker (full name Robert Hudson Walker) (32) - actor, a reaction to a sedative administered by his doctor.
  213. Dinah Washington (39) - musician, singer, overdose of drugs and alcohol.
  214. Dave Waymer (34) - American football defensive-back, cocaine-induced heart attack.
  215. Rachel Whitear (21) - student, heroin overdose led to anti-drugs campaign in Britain.
  216. Brett Whiteley (53) - artist, heroin overdose.
  217. Alan Wilson (27) - musician, Canned Heat, drug overdose.
  218. Kenneth Williams (62) - actor, author and comedian from Carry On, overdose of barbiturates.
  219. Linda Wong (36) - pornographic actress, overdose on Xanax, chloral hydrate, and alcohol.
  220. Anna Wood (15) - Australian schoolgirl, died after taking an ecstasy tablet.
  221. Paula Yates (40) - British TV presenter & author, heroin overdose.
And that's just a partial list from one wikipedia article.

Which makes me want to ask the current crop of young stars one question as they get ready to drop their first dose of illegal drugs:

Why don't you know any better?

And another sad note, is that Haim's timing pretty much insures that he won't even get a spot on the Academy Awards memorial reel.


  1. Glenn Quinn especially makes me sad along with Belushi & Farley (notice how similar those latter two are?).

    I sometimes wonder about Bruce Lee. Have you heard the theories that he was killed to preserve the secrets of the Orient?

  2. Lindsay Lohan and Mischa barton will end up on that list if they do not get their bearings straight.