Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #477: Weinstein Company Men

Welcome to the show folks...

The Good News: TV producer, and filmmaker John Wells has inked a deal to have his indie drama The Company Men starring Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck released.

The Bad News: The deal was inked with the Weinstein Company.

Now it's times like these that I am convinced that Harvey Weinstein has one of those hypno-coins and that he brings it to meetings.

That's the only rational explanation why Wells would let his film go with TWC. Now I'm having one of my legendary psychic flashes, and it's telling me the complete release plane for The Company Men, and here it is:

1. Announce a release date, and a multi-million dollar P&A commitment.

2. 6 months later: Announce a new, later date because the Weinstein Company wants re-edits and re-shoots.

3. 6 months later: Announce another even later release date because they can’t decide how to put the re-edits and re-shoots together with all the lawsuits and counter-suits over those re-edits and re-shoots.

4. After 2+ years of the film propping up a desk with a short leg in the TWC office dump the heavily re-edited movie in DVD discount bins without spending a penny of that previously made P&A commitment.

5. Quash threats of lawsuits over botched non-release and failure to live up to contract with public bullying and threats of massive counter-suits.

6. Ask investors for another $300 million to keep company afloat through another year of massive losses.

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