Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hello Gentle Readers

Welcome to the show folks...

If you came looking for a fresh blog....


Sorry folks, just a bit slow today on news that blows up my kilt with excitement. Gets like that around holiday weekends.

Anyway, tiptoe through the tulips of my archives, and maybe you can figure out the exact moment I jumped the shark. ;)


  1. Jumped the shark, hell. I want to know when I can buy your frick'n book.

    I'll pay for a copy printed at your local Kinko's and mailed to me, including postage!

    Actually, I did that for a friend of mine. He wrote a work of fiction and sent me an electronic copy to proofread. I took it to Kinko's and had two copies printed and bound 'cause I really don't like reading books on my computer screen. Link here:

    But I digress.....

    Seriously, how is the book coming? I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. The book is taking longer than I expected because I felt that just regurgitating blog material wasn't exactly worth the investment readers make in a solid book.

    I've recently dug up a lot more research material, but it's still going to be a while until I get the first draft finished. Probably another 30,000 words to go.

    When I do finish, I'll probably post it up via a self-publisher like Lulu or something and when it happens, I'll hype it up the wazoo.