Monday, 5 July 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #547: 2 Quickies

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David Bergstein, the man in charge of the failing ThinkFilm/Capitol Films conglomeration loves trouble. His companies are in bankruptcy, he's literally being sued by almost everyone he's ever done business with, his plan to buy Miramax, with partner billionaire Ron Tutor can't get debt financing. Why? Because every goddamn bank that might loan them that kind of money is either suing David Bergstein, or knows someone who is.

But that's enough trouble for Mr. Bergstein. Not by a long shot. Most recently he demanded that one of the companies suing him put up a $25 million bond to cover cost in case they lose the case, a demand that the judge promptly denied.

I'd like to take a moment to speak directly to David Bergstein and ask a question:


I mean what the hell is going on. Your
companies are bankrupt, your reputation is shot six ways to Sunday, if anyone goes into business with you, others demand they be tested for some sort of neurological condition, creditors have you surrounded, and forensic accountants are either going through your life, or about to go through it with a fine tooth comb.

You are screwed. It doesn't matter if what folks say about you are true or not, the forensic accountants will find something to nail you with. It's as inevitable as the sunrise. All the reporters, bankers, guilds, unions, and financiers can be completely wrong about you, and you can be as honest as the day is long, and you're still going to be bent over to kiss the gunner's daughter.

So why make them madder? Do you think such tactics will make them go away, or that a judge will somehow go for such tactics? Because it isn't going to work. They'll just come back at you with even more ferocity and the judge isn't going to be too pleased with you wasting the court's precious time. All this could ad up to either penury or the penal system, neither are good in any way.

Which is why I have to ask: If you are innocent, and that these are just misunderstandings born from bad business luck, then why are you trying so hard to look guilty?


DC is crowing that issue 600 of Wonder Woman, featuring the new costume and origin story has sold out.

Of course 90% of those sales were to journalists and media outlets who normally never buy comics, and won't ever become regular readers, but that won't stop DC from thinking their decision was brilliant.

My prediction: Within two years at the most, everything will be back to the status quo. It's the nature of the beast.

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  1. Dirty McDingus Sezs:

    Are you kidding? After that run-away gang-buster sellings- DC will begin to laminate their covers with multiple cover types and return back the over picture that shows up on both sides~

    Supposed collectors are chomping at their swollen wallets dying to once again burst to flood DCs' coffers again! The '90s has returned!!!