Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #549: Vicious Circles

Welcome to the show folks....

I don't normally talk about celebrity gossip, because I don't like having thousands of readers hanging on my every excretion, but I make an exception for this video with a tip of my sweat stained sombrero to Deadline: Hollywood.

Now remember, this is the same Lindsey Lohan who was just sentenced to 90 days in jail, for violating her probation for the umpteenth time who is trying to revive her dead career by agreeing to appear on a reality show about her photo-shoot, and then SHOWED UP 11 HOURS LATE.

But enough about her stupidity and unprofessional behavior, this is a business blog and I'm going to talk about how the business we call show feeds on such asinine behavior while also feeding it. The people on the show talked about how the fawning and enabling of the photo-shoot staff feeds her ego and self destructive lifestyle, but that's just scratching the surface of this vicious circle.

It all starts with:

THE STUPID CELEBRITY: Basically someone becomes famous, makes a lot of money very fast, and they automatically assume that decades of history and the laws of nature don't apply to them. They start acting like their shit doesn't stink and that it's perfectly okay for them to drink, do drugs, and break the law, with no negative consequences. They also think that their idiocy will make them more famous because of...

THE SCHADENFREUDE MEDIA: These are all the entertainment shows, tabloid magazines, newspapers, and web-sites that make big money selling the audience stories of celebrity self destruction. They are literally everywhere and they are inescapable. This leads to a false impression that some celebrities have some sort of appeal to audiences. They forget that folks are buying this crap because they like to see them fall, not to build them up. However, the non-stop 24/7 coverage and the false impression that it creates impresses the...

THE MONEY PEOPLE: The Money People think that tabloid coverage will somehow translate into sales of everything from movie tickets to cheap leggings. They don't seem to realize that the folks in flyover country wouldn't give these celebs the steam off their pee, let alone their hard earned money. When their movies or products don't sell at level equivalent to the hype, the money people decide that because they're so heavily invested in the stupid celeb, they can't just dump them, instead they need more hype, so they enable even worse unprofessional antics from their celebs, causing trouble for...

THE WORKER BEES: These are the ordinary people working in show-biz who have to put up with people acting like assholes, costing them time, and money. But they don't dare call the celebs on it, because the celeb will go to the money people, who will look at all the money they've wasted on, all the media coverage they get, think they're dealing with a real star, and shit-can the poor worker bee. So why bother rocking the boat, just kiss their asses enough to keep them from having a major league shit fit, collect their double overtime, and move onto the next job and hope that person acts like a pro.

This goes right back to the stupid celeb, who acts up even more, which feeds the schadenfreude media, which impresses the money people, who then force the worker bees to take this shit and call it ice cream. Which sets the whole bitchy cycle go over and over until someone drops dead, and a new stupid celebrity takes their place.

Now, will someone dig up something that doesn't involve an idiot celebrity for me to write about?

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  1. Lilo thought that once she became famous everyone was going to have to eat her shit and call it ice cream.

    Here is the truth, her shit is just shit and no one no matter how famous she it still stinks. In reality the crew she have bitched her out for showing up late.

    Her antics are not selling movies as all her latest films were BOMBS.