Friday, 9 July 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #551: More Signs of Hope?

Welcome to the show folks...

I hope you enjoyed our little story time, because it's time for us to get back to business. Today, I have two more signs of potential hope. This time they don't involve litigation, at least not yet:

Peace may potentially break out in the war over Lionsgate between its management, some key shareholders, and 37%+ shareholder, hostile takeover and shareholder rights maven Carl Icahn. Deadline: Hollywood is reporting that they are now talking about some sort of peace terms, so they can explore mergers and acquisitions opportunities together.

Finally, someone is listening to me, or at least acting in a way that allows me to feed my delusion that someone actually reads this blog. When this first started I was eager for a good fight, but then I realized that the fight had the potential to do some serious damage to the company. The movie business really can't afford to lose a company right now. So I'm actually pleased to see them making an attempt to get along, and hopefully do something productive together.

As for the other sign of hope...

My little flinty fanboy heart went all aflutter when I heard that Christopher "Dark Knight" Nolan was a fan of the James Bond films, and wanted to do one himself.

If that doesn't inspire MGM to get its financial house in order, and the franchise back on its feet, then you might as well break out the shovels, because the lion doesn't have a pulse. Nolan & Co. are, by all appearances, the go-to guys for making blockbuster franchises that deliver both quality and quantity, when most just pile on the quantity.

Now I'm off to sacrifice a goat to Ba'al for MGM to clear up its debts, and get off its ass to get this movie made.

While I was against Lionsgate doing anything with MGM alone, however, a partnership with Icahn to create an independent distributor, is a different story.

Stand still goat, Ba'al doesn't like squirming.

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  1. Blast Hardcheese10/7/10 8:26 am

    Dude, don't tease me like that!

    A new Bond flick, starring Danny Craig (yes, he's blond, but he can do the steely-eyed thing better than anyone since Connery), and written/directed by the Nolan brothers. That would be one of the most awesome things ever, and so of course it will never happen.

    Actually, the one area that Chris Nolan still has some weakness in is shooting an action/fight scene. "Dark Knight" was better than "Batman Begins", but still relied too much on the shaky-cam nonsense. Get John Woo in to give 'im a crash course in action scene cinematography. Or better yet, have Woo co-direct. Just tell him there's no room in the budget for doves.