Friday, 10 September 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #592: Some Brain Droppings

Welcome to the show folks...

Sorry I didn't have a blog yesterday, it was a combination of slow news and my own personal laziness after a day of physical labor that only cemented my distaste for physical labor. I know some were disappointed by my lack of posting yesterday....
Ah jeez Don Draper, buck up, I'm back.
There, now you're happy again.

So let's get this ball rolling...


THE GOOD NEWS: The film Sarah's Key, based on a critically acclaimed novel, was picked up by a distributor in the first big sale of the Toronto International Film Festival.

THE BAD NEWS: That distributor was The Weinstein Co., so you can expect to never, ever, see the film again outside of a discount bin of a Wal-Mart in Passaic New Jersey.

Expect to get a release date some time next year.

Then that will pass with no release, so they'll announce another release date.

Then, after at least 2 years, they will dump the film on home video.


The Paley Center of, I guess, Paley-ness has announced that they will start a TV awards show to rival the Emmy Awards.

Thank Xenu for that!

I've been looking for an excuse for watching less TV, and now I have it.


Okay, Julie Taymor and Bono and The Edge from U2 are actually going through with their plan to put on a multi-million dollar Spider-Man musical.

I have some problems with this production, first...

"Turn Off The Dark?"


Why not just call it, A Musical By Pretentious Wankers, and spare poor Spider-Man the humiliation.

And then there's Julie Taymor's costume designs...
Is that supposed to be the Green Goblin?

He's supposed to be a scary psychopathic super-villain, not an understudy at an Ice-Capades production of The Grinch Who Stole Xmas.

And what's with this Swiss Miss character she created for the show:
I know Grace Jones could use the work, but can someone really be a scary villain when they look like an anorexic disco ball?

What are the Spider-Fans going to think about this?
Now look what you've done. You're making Don Draper cry again. Thanks a lot. Dammit!

Someone get me a pack of Lucky Strikes and a bottle of gin, stat!

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  1. Bono and Taymor's Spiderman musical should be called a "marvel/disney licensed tax write-off for people who have too much money and want to spend it on stupid shit"

    This musical does not even SOUND like a GOOD IDEA. But still better than Lindsay Lohan wanting to get PREGNANT. Yes she stated to a friend that she thinks having a baby will solver all her problems, like how it did for Dana Plato.