Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #593: Playing Favorites?

Welcome to the show folks....

There's some trouble a-brewing at the Venice Film Festival, here's the link, but I'll boil it down to the salient points for you:

Quentin Tarantino was the President of the jury for the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion Awards.

Sofia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino's ex-girlfriend, won the top Golden Lion Award.

Monte Hellman, Tarantino's favorite mayonnaise mentor, won some sort of lifetime achievement award for.... something....

Enter the European press, who immediately started shitting their pants, which were in a twist, in rage over what they consider blatant favoritism.

It is at this time that I do my classic Claude Rains in Casablanca impression and declare that I am shocked, SHOCKED, to discover that personal feelings may play a more important part than merit or artistic quality in dispensing entertainment awards.

Did you get the sarcasm dripping from that last
statement like maple syrup dripping off a piece of waffle... or did I just think about what I want for breakfast tomorrow...?

Anyway, when it comes to awards, from the Oscars to the Golden Globes, the Emmys, to the Golden Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my, it pretty much all boils down to personal feelings on the part of the people casting the votes.

Even the People's Choice Awards make me want to take away people's freedom of choice.

That's because winning an award and deserving an award are two completely different things.

You see awards are dispensed by human beings, human beings have their own foibles like personal preferences, prejudices, and fits of pique. They have literally hundreds of reasons for giving awards to some and not to others that have no connection to the quality of the work at hand.

You want proof?


Sorry, I just blurted that out for some nonsensical reason....

But it is a pretty tough challenge that few can handle.

First look up the names of every movie that has ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, The Palme D'Or from Cannes, the Golden Lion of Venice, and Berlin's Golden Bear.

Randomly pick ten that you have never seen from each category. Try to get as wide a range of eras and subject matter as you can.

Watch them.

All of them.

Every last reeking minute of them.

Take note of how many are remotely watchable, and how many are total dreck.

You'll be surprised at how many films that are almost laughably bad were major award winners. My personal un-fave is Cecil B. DeMille's Greatest Show On Earth, which is the most mis-leading title in the history of cinema.

y advice, don't get all worked up over awards they have their own reasons for existing, and most of them have more to do with the internal politics of the people voting on them, than anything else.

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  1. je pressman14/9/10 12:42 am

    Favoritism,awards,movie industry, movie critics,all work together like bacon,lettuce, tomatoes and sandwich bread. What a taste sensation!I have to say that this combo made tastier sandwiches in years past. The last five years made for some pretty predictable,bland winners. Those critics had to work really hard to convince the movie going public to sample those wares.Now let's discuss Hollywood nepotism.