Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #611: Another Random Snark Attack!

Welcome to the show folks...

Time for a few random snarks at the business of show biz.


John Woodward the political hack who ran the rapidly dissolving UK Film Council has a new job. He's going to work for a venture capital firm Arts Alliance that was founded by a UKFC board member, and this firm also got around £12 million in taxpayer money.

Now some are outraged at this development, but it was inevitable, if you don't understand, I'll take a moment to explain.

When you're a political appointee to a job like head of the UKFC, you are there not for your ability but as a reward for your loyalty and obedience to your political patrons.

Now you're probably wondering why this is a reward, isn't government service supposed to be about, well, service?

It's about service all right, but posts like the UKFC are more about self-service than public service.

It goes something like this.

Businesses give money to political parties to help them get elected.

Political parties that get elected appoint their most obedient minions to posts where they can dispense taxpayer money to the same businesses that gave the party money to get elected.

However, parties get voted out, so the obedient minions pre-arrange cushy high paying jobs with the businesses they gave taxpayer money to, in order to replace the cushy high paying job they lost with the change in government.

Those minions then guide their new employers to direct money to the political parties that give jobs to other minions, to give money to the companies to hire the next wave of minions to replace the previous minions who have all retired to country homes and winter getaways on the Mediterranean.

Rinse, then repeat, ad infinitum. It doesn't matter what party is in charge, it just keeps on trucking.

Some call it feather nesting, I call it THE CIRCLE OF BULLSHIT!


Carl Icahn has changed his position on Lionsgate going after MGM, from opposing it to supporting it. Why?

Here are my theories:

1. He wants Lionsgate mired in the MGM debt quagmire, debt that Icahn is buying up, in order to make it easier for him to later battle management for control of the company.

2. He wants a partnership between Lionsgate (which he owns a chunk of), and MGM (which he will own a chunk of under the bankruptcy plans) and try to get those chunks turned into a bigger, more powerful chunk.

How will this end?

I don't know.


Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik has inked a deal for his Icon UK film company to go into a financing partnership with the embattled Weinstein Company.

Oh Blavatnik, you poor bastard.

Shows that in Hollywood, history doesn't repeat itself, it gets a remake.


Film District, a new independent film production-distribution shingle is staffing up.

It's nice to see people being hired instead of fired, or laid off. This company will have an uphill battle ahead of them to make it in today's market, so I wish them good luck, and lots of it.

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