Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hollywood Babble On & On #617: Random Snark Attack!

Welcome to the show folks...

The news pickings are a little slim today, so I'm just going to let loose my inner troll & snark like a bastard. (As if I don't do that normally)

1. Mel Gibson is set to do a cameo in The Hangover 2. Why do a cameo, I say have him co-star in by having him wake up after a night on the town with the Hangover guys and wondering why everyone is calling him a psycho-racist-asshat.

2. Dimension Films is eager to make a sequel to their late-summer bomb Piranha 3D. Why do they want to make a movie that tanked at the box office, well there are two reasons:

A) The Weinstein Company literally doesn't have anything else to do right now.

B) It will really piss off James Cameron. (Which is worth it all by itself)

3. Adrien Brody is suing to prevent the release of
the Italian thriller Giallo, which is the Italian term for an Italian thriller, confused yet? Anyway he agreed to do the film, which was directed by Italian horror-legend Dario Argento for $640,000. The producers plead poverty and that they had to pay him after the film was done, and this new contract gave him final say on whether or not the film could be released if he didn't get his money. According to Brody, the film was finished, but the money never came.

My prediction, the production company will end up declaring bankruptcy, leaving an overly complicated rights situation that will not be solved for years to come.

The lesson here:
Always get your money up front.

4. Hollywood is now eager to get the creator of TV's
Glee to do a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Well, I asked some executives at 20th Century Fox and this was their response:

That wasn't much help, so here's my theory.

It's because they did some of the songs on Murphy's show

Seriously, Fox Studios wants to remake a movie that cannot possibly enjoyed while sober because some of the flick's songs were on a show that some viewer are already griping as having jumped the shark, and will probably be dead and buried at about the halfway point of the already contractually obligated 3rd season.

Dear Fox, this is what's called the bottom of the remake gutter, you've just hit it.

Don't start digging.

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